Recent Attack on RSA Shows Importance of Information Security; ArtSec Launch New Security Services

ArtSec Group has launched a new breed of security related services including information security consultancy and cyber forensic investigation.

ArtSec Group, an international technology, media and trading company, has launched a new range of security related services including information security consultancy, cyber forensic investigation, business continuity planning and penetration testing.

The recent cyber attack on RSA, one of the most well established companies in the information security industry highlights the need for robust, effective information security. The ArtSec Information Security Division has launched a broad range of information security services and solutions including consultation, auditing, penetration testing and training.

“Today information is one of the most important commodities of any organization and it needs to be protected” said a spokesman for Artsec. “You need to protect your data and ArtSec have the expertise to do it.”

Correspondingly ArtSec has also updated its web site to cover the new services. On the site, potential customers can find detailed information about the different services offered as well as insights into the world of information security and how it can help you succeed in business by making sure your data is secure.

ArtSec’s Information Security Division service include:

  • Test and Assessments – including Denial of Service (DoS) attacks simulations, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.
  • Information Security Consultancy – including architecture, design, project management and implementation.
  • Business Continuity – planning and implementation including, but not limited, to impact analysis, threat analysis, definition of impact scenarios, recovery requirement documentation and solution design.
  • Cyber Forensic Investigation – including document and file recovery, evidence acquisition and user activity analysis.