ArtSec Launches New Hacked Website Clean-up Service

ArtSec has launched a new set of services for businesses wanting to secure their web sites or for businesses needing to clean up and restore a web site after a cyber attack.

ArtSec Group, an international media and technology company, has launched a new set of web site security services. As the number of defaced web sites and security breaches seems to increase daily, it is essential that businesses protect their online presence. The new services from ArtSec help hacking victims restore their websites and secure them from further attack.

If a web site has been attacked, ArtSec offers a comprehensive solution to clean and restore the damaged website. With in-house information security professionals, who have expert knowledge of web applications and web server security, the attacked web site can be cleaned, restored and secured quickly, quietly and efficiently.

Websites that have been flagged as dangerous by search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, can be verified and any malware remove that was placed on the site by hackers. Requests can then be sent to the major search engines to review the website to remove the warning flags.

To avoid embarrassing web site attacks, ArtSec offer tailor made solutions for securing websites and blogs. ArtSec offers web application code review and various tests and assessments to ensure that a website or blog is secure.

“We have the best industrial practices in place to increase the security of WordPress blogs or Drupal, Joomal and Magenta based websites” said an ArtSec spokesperson.

As part of the new services ArtSec can help with payment gateway integration and customer data security for privacy compliance, along with help to implement Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to enable encrypted data transfer to and from a web site over HTTPS.