Information Security

Here at ArtSec Information Security Division, information security is our passion and we want it to be yours as well. Today information is one of the most important commodities of any organization and it needs to be protected. Malicious hackers are roaming the net trying to penetrate computer systems and steal information. ArtSec provide a broad range of information security services including consultation, auditing, penetration testing and training. You need to protect your data TODAY and ArtSec have the expertise to do it.

ArtSec offers a full range of information security services to give you peace of mind about your organization’s network and web security. ArtSec offer complete solutions to your information security needs and can test, asses and audit your current information security provisions and policies while also provide information security consultancy, business continuity (in case of disaster) planning and cyber forensic investigation.

ArtSec’s Services

  • Test and Assessments – including Denial of Service (DoS) attacks simulations, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.
  • Information Security Consultancy – including architecture, design, project management and implementation.
  • Business Continuity – planning and implementation including, but not limited, to impact analysis, threat analysis, definition of impact scenarios, recovery requirement documentation and solution design.
  • Cyber Forensic Investigation – including document and file recovery, evidence acquisition and user activity analysis.