The benefits of SFTP in website security

One of the most common operations performed by a web server is the transfer of files. The primary function of a web server is to deliver web pages (made up of HTML files, image files etc) to a web browser. Naturally these files must be uploaded on to a web browser before they can be downloaded by a web browser. The problem with the ubiquitous FTP command is that it is unencrypted. This means that all command and data sent to and from the server are send in the clear. SFTP, or Secure FTP, … [Read more...]

Why you should avoid shared web hosting?

Shared hosting is often the most economical form of website hosting as multiple websites reside on a single web server and so the server costs are spread amongst lots of people. However this economization and common usage of a single web server also means that untrusted and unknown account holders have access to the server that is hosting your web site. This leads to potential security weaknesses which ultimately will detract from your website security. Although all operating systems allow … [Read more...]